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Silver and cloudy quartz pendant necklace by Karen Parker

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Silver cup, silver link and cloudy quartz pendant cluster on fine silver ball chain by Karen Parker

Hanging length 23 cm


Working in silver and gold, Karen enhances the beauty and individuality of materials by forging, embossing and reticulating the metal, often giving part of a piece a contrasting surface texture. The reticulation technique, in particular, creates interesting effects suggestive of natural surface patterns such as the abstract decorative effects of lichen on stone. Karen has an eye for referencing these natural effects in her work resulting in beautiful organically inspired contemporary jewellery. Karen's studio is in Bath.

Like many artisans, organic shapes and forms inspire my work, in particular seeds and seed pods. They are as numerous and varied as they are complex and beautiful with infinite design possibilities. I have a love for Scandinavian design, with its clean lines, pared back forms and truth to materials and I try to bring this philosophy into my work.